Subscription Voucher

Subscription Voucher

Subscription Length
Gift wrapped subscription boxes?
Activate voucher immediately?

Help your friends support local small business with a subscription to The Fox Box for 3 or 6 months. Our eco gift voucher comes in a kraft envelope but wrapped in jute for an extra special touch.


You can choose to activate their subscription immediately to receive next month's box or let them activate themselves if you're buying in advance. Why not add an extra touch with gift wrapped boxes too?


    This product contains:

    1 x Personalised Gift Voucher in Envelope


    1 x Gift Wrapped Subscription Box followed by Non-Wrapped Subscription Boxes if activated immediately.


    Gift certificate is dispatched next day with first class Royal Mail.

    Price includes delivery of the subscription box to any U.K. address.


    You can activate the gift voucher immediately for the receiver to start receiving their subscription when the next box is available - this is usually at the beginning of the month.


    If you choose not to activate gift voucher immediately, the subscription will not start until the receiver activates by emailing us within 12 months of purchase to


    If someone has lost their voucher, we can still activate it as long as we have the buyer's approval and order number (sent with the purchase confirmation).