Our Top 5 Favourite Ways To Eat Negroni Jam

Just in case you hadn't spotted it, we're loving Manfood's Strawberry Negroni Jam so much that it features in three of our seasonal hampers: The Christmas Box (build-your-own), The Happy Vegan Christmas Box and The Berry Cherry Christmas Box!

Based near Huntingdon, Manfood was started by Andre who wanted some good ole relishes and pickles that really help you sink your teeth into a good burger or pork pie. As time went on, their range has expanded to a wide variety of flavours from cuisines such as Chip Shop Curry Sauce to Korean Barbecue Sauce. However, when it comes to Christmas you can't be a good cocktail which is why we were so drawn to their Negroni Jam this season.

After trying a spoonful of it straight out of the jar, we were so blown away that we didn't take much thought about what to eat it with. Scones are so predictable, shortbread's so faffy…However, after much experimenting and polishing off the jar, we can now reveal our favourite 5 unique recipes to try out.

1. Negroni Jam French Toast Usually classic cinnamon hits the spot with us, but an extra dollop of Negroni Jam elevates the breakfast game! Just be sure to use extra thick slices to soak up all the goodness.

2. Gin & Jam Cocktail Seeing as gin is the main component of Negroni, it made sense to give this one a little try. You know when you have that last spoonful in the jar that's not quite enough to slather on your toast? Well, add a (big) shot of gin, some ice and a squeeze of lemon. Screw on the lid and shake, shake, shake!

3. Baked Camembert & Negroni Jam Ah, cheese. Isn't it the best? And what Christmas cheese selection is complete without a Camembert? Simply bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 180 while heating your jam separately with some shallots and thyme. Once baked, pour the jam over the camembert to serve.

4. Turkey, Brie and Negroni Jam Baguette Well, seeing as we're on the topic of cheese… This is our favourite go-to Christmas leftover snack but usually using Cranberry sauce. We usually brine our Christmas turkey with a secret hint of orange juice which goes excellently with the bitter orange notes in this Negroni Jam.

5. Negroni Jam Breakfast Bars Negroni for breakfast? Why not, it's Christmas! If you combine oats, flour, sugar, butter and some spices, you've got a basic recipe for a breakfast bar. Layer it in a baking tray with Negroni Jam in the middle and chopped strawberries, you've got an easy grab-and-go breakfast too!

Head over to our Christmas page here to order our hampers with Manfood's Strawberry Negroni Jam or head to their website www.welovemafood.com to purchase directly.