Introducing: The Christmas Pudding Company, Corby

We’re super excited to be introducing The Christmas Pudding Company to The Fig & Fox Family this year. Not only do they feature in December 2020’s subscription box, The Christmas Pudding Company also has a wide variety allowing us to feature their original recipe, a vegan option and gluten free puddings in our festive hampers.

“Christmas puddings are something that I have been making for almost 40 years,” owner and baker Joan explains. “I think I have perfected the my friends and family tell me! It’s because of them, and my dear late friend Tony who adored the Christmas pudding, that gave me the confidence to share their delicious holiday tradition with others.”

Trust us Joan, you have nothing to be unsure about! We first tried Joan’s Christmas puddings at the beginning of November. The weather had gotten colder, the clocks went back and I had an indulgent Sunday evening curled up on the sofa with this pudding (with custard AND cream, ‘cause why not). It was absolutely the most perfect bite of perfection on a winter’s day.

“It’s really important to me that those who buy my Christmas Puddings enjoy their deliciousness” beams Joan. “I get so excited when it comes to Autumn and I soak the fruits in brandy, prepare the ingredients and decide on the presentation.”

We couldn’t think of a better way to present these puddings. The bow tied linen makes a refreshing and luxurious change from shop-bought cellophane while also still feeling wonderfully homemade.

“This year has been all about the ‘tiny’ Christmas pudding,” explains Joan. “It’s been a great idea for this current year in quarantine as people might not want to cross-share food.” They also make the perfect stocking filler and look adorable in our hampers.

In fact, they’ve proven so popular, that our build-your-own Christmas hamper has now sold out!

Instead, we’ve introduced a limited edition vegan hamper called The Happy Vegan Christmas Box featuring:

  • ‘Tiny’ Vegan Christmas Pudding by The Christmas Pudding Company, Corby

  • Negroni Jam by Manfood, Huntingdon

  • Dairy Free Vanilla Fudge by Deeping Fudge, Deeping St. James

  • Caramel Popcorn by What’s Poppin, Northampton

  • Christmas Tea Blend by InfiniTeas, Stamford

You can purchase our vegan Christmas hamper here or message The Christmas Pudding Company direct through Instagram or Facebook but be quick! They stop taking orders soon!