Introducing: The Brownie Company, Easton-on-the-Hill

If you're a subscriber to The Fox Box, you're probably already familiar with how delicious The Brownie Company is. Last month they actually inspired the flavour for our entire box with their Salted Caramel Brownies taking centre stage. Irresistibly moist with a delicate brownie crust, it's safe to say we've never had a brownie from them that disappoints.

Salted Caramel Brownies that featured in October 2020's subscription box

This season, Amanda Hamblin, proud baker and owner of The Brownie Company, let us try their exclusive Stem Ginger Brownie flavour that is one of the many options in our build-your-own hamper, The Christmas Box. It seemed only apt that we enjoyed them over a nice cup of tea while getting to know her a bit better (virtually of course).

"We moved up to Stamford from London thinking we'd only be in the area a year or two...26 years later, we're still very much here and loving it!" Amanda always has beaming face of joy when she greets her customers upon collection, but it naturally radiates more whenever she talks about her family. "In 2005, with the youngest Hamblin heading for nursery, The Brownie Company was formed. Scouring dusty cookery books, testing LOTS of recipes, Double Chocolate 'The Original' Brownie was produced. I knew I was on to a winner when the brownies won a Great Taste Award!"

Fast-forward 15 years, The Brownie Company is now an iconic staple at any local food festival.

We reminisce for a moment about simpler times before Covid-19, how we met at Burghley Fine Food Market and how small businesses have been hid hard again through this second lockdown with the cancellation of many Christmas events.

"So much has changed over the last years," Amanda says. "At first, it was very old school taking telephone orders and selling at local farmers markets. Now our business is generated by our Instagram and Facebook posts with more and more customers using the website." Many businesses this year have seem a boom in online sales, but we can easily see how The Brownie Company has roped in customers with their mouth-watering images on social media.

With all this doom and gloom talking about the shit-show that has been 2020, we thought we'd spin the conversation around. I ask her what she loves most about The Brownie Company and can instantly tell where the comforting, emotional-warmth of her brownies come from.

"That's easy! Meeting our customers in person. When they tell us how they're really looking forward to enjoying their brownies in front of, say, Strictly later that evening." Despite the lack of food festivals, Amanda has still been able to connect with her customers through online orders and doorstep collections from The Brownie Company home in Easton-on-the-Hill.

If you're looking to bring a little bit of joy into your life (and belly), you can purchase them online at or head over to our Christmas page to pop them in a hamper along with some other amazing treats. Pssst...their sour cherry brownies will also be featuring in December's subscription box if you sign up quick!

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