Food For Nought: Tackling Local Food Poverty

As part of our dedication to local, we’re also committed to helping nearby charities that resonate with us and our community. This is a decision made from the start as we have always been ones to give back and share wherever we can.

The Fig & Fox Company launched in August 2020 meaning we’ve only been operating for 5 months. However, with thanks to the incredible support for small businesses like ours over the Christmas period and ongoing love from our monthly subscribers, we’ve turned a profit within these short few months and want to share this with charities in our area. Here’s a little bit about one of the charities we have chosen this year...

Food For Nought

Founded by Cocoa Fowler, this Peterborough based charity redistributes surplus food from supermarkets to community fridges and food banks.

Cocoa didn’t have an easy start to life – he was raised in the care system, leaving school in 1983 to serve in the Royal Artillery. As a gunner Cocoa served his country for 15 years including a tour of Iraq. After leaving the army Cocoa established a successful business overseas but felt an irresistible pull to help others in need, leaving for Sri Lanka in 2005 to volunteer with the tsunami relief effort.

It was after his return to the United Kingdom that Cocoa began to struggle with physical and mental health issues, losing his job and eventually becoming homeless. It was only when he approached a charity for help with food that he saw light at the end of the tunnel and after being asked to help as a volunteer driver he found a new passion and an idea for a new charity, Food for Nought.

The charity have since helped tackle food poverty and have redirected over a thousand tonnes of food from landfill.