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We're committed to reduce our environmental impact as best we can. Our eco packaging is largely made up of recycled materials or from natural materials which can be composted.

Sometimes it can be confusing how to dispose of environmentally friendly packaging. So we've written a little list, point by point, of all our products and how the packaging can be disposed.

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Eco-Friendly Packaging The Fig & Fox Com



Our monthly subscription box comes in 100% compostable packaging. These may not always be recyclable. You can dispose of your packaging in the following ways:

  • The Box
    Can be composted, recycled or reused. It is sustainably made from FSC approved sources.

  • The Twine
    Can be composted or reused. It cannot be recycled.

  • The Tissue Paper
    Can be composted, recycled or reused.

  • The Wood Wool
    Can be composted or reused. Makes for a great fire-starter in winter!


Our gift boxes are packaged using the same materials as The Fox Box, above. We also offer an eco-friendly gift wrapping option which includes the following extra materials:

  • The Wrapping Paper
    Can be composted, recycled or reused. It is made from 100% recycled kraft paper.

  • The Ribbon
    Can be composted, recycled or reused. We use natural material ribbon which can be recycled with other textiles.

  • The Gift Tag
    Can be composted or recycled. It is made from recycled kraft paper.

  • The String (attaching gift tag)
    Can be composted or reused. It cannot be recycled.

  • The 'Love Local' Sticker
    Can be recycled. It is made from recycled vinyl.

Sometimes we might use extra packaging to ensure safe travel for your box. This may include bubble wrap which has been reused and not produced especially for you. Could you reuse it too?

The products inside our boxes are not packaged by us however we support and encourage those who use eco-friendly packaging. For any questions regarding the disposal of these items, please email us at


If you subscribe to The Fox Box, you can help us reduce our monthly waste by reusing your delivery box.


To say thank you for joining us in our green mission, we will reward you every three months! Our rewards include:

  • 3 Months: 10% Off Gift Box Voucher

  • 6 Months: FREE Bonus Item

  • 9 Months: 20% Off Gift Box Voucher

  • 12 Months: An Extra FREE Subscription Box