The Fig & Fox Company are committed to providing an environmentally friendly product and acknowledge the impact that our e-commerce business has on the environment. These include:

  • Consumption of Energy, Water and Other Resources

  • Transportation and Delivery

  • Business and Consumer Waste Disposal

  • Purchasing of Food, Drink and Packaging

  • Community Involvement

We are dedicated to using biodegradable or reusable materials to minimise the packaging waste that reaches landfills.


Many items in our products are not packaged by us and therefore we cannot alter or offer alternatives for the packaging of these products. However we encourage, support and promote businesses that are actively trying to improve the environmental impact of their products.


We deliver all of our products in cardboard boxes that are 100% home compostable and recyclable - including the kraft paper tape.

  • We believe recycling should only be considered if you cannot reuse the box or compost it.


We use wood wool for our void-fill packaging to stop the products inside from moving around. This comes from shredded timber and is 100% home compostable.

  • Wood is not recyclable but, providing it is clean, wood wool can be used again or for alternatives such as a fire starter.


The wool liners in our chilled boxes are designed to keep fresh products at their optimum temperature for 48 hours. Wool can is 100% home compostable and has many other uses.


To keep food that we have produced fresh in our meal kits we use vacuum pack bags made from cellulose and packaging bags made from potato starch. Although they may look like plastic, they are 100% compostable.

  • As they are from organic material they are not suitable for holding 'wet' produce like meat or liquids for a long period of time but can be frozen. We recommend defrosting in the fridge overnight whilst placed in a bowl (just in case!).


For our presentation packaging we use tissue paper and cotton string. These are both 100% home compostable and tissue paper is also recyclable.

  • Cotton string is not home recyclable but can be reused for similar uses or, providing it is clean, for tying food such as roasting joints.


We also use stickers which are made from recycled vinyl. Vinyl is not biodegradable or recyclable by most council waste collection but it can be sent to a company who reuse and recycle it.

  • We are currently trying to source a compostable alternative to our stickers.


Our gift boxes are finished with a wax stamp. Although sealing wax is not biodegradable or recyclable through council waste collection, it can be easily reused at home.

  • See our blog post on how to reuse wax.


We endeavour to choose the best option both environmentally and economically for our business.

By using local suppliers we can benefit from lower carbon emissions produced from long-distance transportation of goods.


To encourage more people to buy local food and drink we want to keep our prices as competitive as possible. Unfortunately, as we are a new and small business, we do not meet minimum requirements to benefit from lower delivery rates through a suitable courier. We therefore deliver all of our products ourselves.


We acknowledge the impact this can have on the environment and try to minimise our journeys by creating a delivery schedule. We also use a hybrid car in an attempt to reduce emissions.


We acknowledge that the nature of food products, individual consumption and supplier packing quantities can cause a surplus amount of food and therefore energy. However, through careful waste management, such as charitable food donations and portion controls, we can avoid the unnecessary consumption of energy that any food surplus may incur.

We only use compostable or recyclable materials for our packaging to make it easier to manage our end-of-line wastage incurred by our consumers. Even if they choose not to compost our packaging at home, it will biodegrade in a landfill within one year.


Due to the impact of Covid-19, we currently operate remotely.


Our kitchen is registered and maintains high standards that are checked by Environmental Health Officers. Our trained chef is certified in and compliant with all Health and Safety regulations. As such, we try our best to use cleaning products that will achieve the best standards whilst also minimising our environmental impact. This includes but is not exclusive of:

  • Biodegradable blue roll

  • Natural fibre cloths and sponges

  • Re-fillable cleaning bottles

  • Vegan and Cruelty Free Sanitiser

  • Plastic-free washing tablets


In the office we strive to minimise our use of paper and operate using a cloud-based system. We don't even own a printer to avoid the temptation of unnecessary printing! We outsource our printing and are always mindful of the environmental impact of the materials they use. We only request printing on recycled paper with water-based ink such as the kraft cards used inside of our boxes to communicate ingredients.

Another benefit of working remotely is the avoidance of powering a large commercial unit and the excessive consumption of energy incurred by this. By natural and personal habit, we can commit to the following ways to minimise our consumption:

  • Only use natural light where possible

  • Turn off lights that are not being used

  • Minimise the use of gas and electrical heating

  • Turn off equipment when it is not in use

  • Separate our waste and maximise our local recycling sources

  • Avoid carbon emissions caused by commuting



Our ethos of supporting local extends beyond the high street and into the community. We actively promote and encourage our customers to improve their environmental practices through our social media and communication channels.


Every year we donate 10% of our profits to charity as well as support local ones throughout the year. Two of these which help reduce our environmental impact:

  • PECT (formerly Peterborough Environment City Trust) - https://www.pect.org.uk/
    They deliver projects and education to emphasise the importance of sustainability and protect the local environment. We commit to volunteer our staff regularly to help with their community projects.

  • Peterborough Soup Kitchen - https://www.peterboroughsoupkitchen.org.uk/
    They provide food and drink for homeless and disadvantaged people in and around the city. We commit to donate suitable surplus food and volunteer throughout the year.

  • Peterborough Foodbank (seeded by The Trussell Trust) - https://peterborough.foodbank.org.uk/
    They provide emergency food supplies, plus signposting and befriending those in need who live in Peterborough. We commit to donate suitable surplus food as well as act as a channel for our customers to donate suitable food supplies.


We commit to consider the environmental impact of The Fig & Fox Company and the decisions we make as a business.


We will always strive to better our product and enhance our environmental practices by abiding to the previously stated commitments and reviewing our environmental policy regularly.