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About Us

love local with the fig and fox company


The Fig & Fox Company is all about local food, local businesses, local environment.

Our aim is to help people throughout Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and beyond to discover new names and flavours that the region has to offer.

We provide consultations and support for restaurants, new or established, with a focus on helping them become a thriving pillar in the local community. We also offer a shop of our own products inspired by local ingredients as well as gifts and hampers.

We also have a passion for the environment. The food industry creates a lot of waste but we're striving to minimise our impact. Through compostable packaging, donations of surplus food to Peterborough Foodbank and other solution, we're able to provide an eco-friendly food service to our customers.



Hello, I'm Laura! I launched The Fig & Fox Company in August 2020 after the food industry took a huge hit because of Covid-19. I wanted to help promote small businesses and our regional food as well as create a flexible lifestyle for our family.

I'm about all things eco-friendly.


From reusable wet wipes to bamboo sponges, there's no room in our home that hasn't had my green eye cast over it! I love finding alternative materials...and even better if I can stick it on the compost heap!


Hi! I'm James - chef, dad, forager and rum lover. I've worked in London Michelin Star restaurants, as a private chef in Morzine and helped other establishments gain awards along the way.

I'm inspired by the clean flavours and style of Japanese cooking.

Despite my years in training and our home kitchen filled with cooking equipment, the only thing Laura ever asks for is poached eggs.